Honest Discussions on Gender Equality

Men and women are different, that is the truth. This is no reason why however that they shouldn’t be treated the same in the workplace and other places in the world. It is also true that God made men and women different for a reason and those differences need to remain. There are times lately that I cannot tell whether a person is a male or a female by the way they dress and carry themselves. There should be differences in our clothing so that others will know whether or not we are male or female.

I do however believe in equality for men and women in the workplace. I am about to head back into the working world and I wonder what it will be like for men in the real estate business versus the women. I hope that things have changed a great deal since I was in the workforce. Back in the day when I worked full time outside of the home, men still had the upper hand in the work place. They were always paid more and more was expected of them. Like I said, I hope this has changed since then and that things have become a little bit more equal.

As much as I think men and women should be given equal chances in the work place, I don’t think they need to try to look like one another and don’t get me started on the topic of gender confusion. I do not agree with people who try to be something they are not and most times I think that is all done for attention. Gender equality in the work place is good, gender equality for any other reason is not good in my personal opinion.

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