Gender Equality in Today’s Modern Culture

It’s a sad fact in the world in which we live that gender equality is not alive and well. Women these days suffer from many of the same issues that they once did in the olden days. It is a true fact that women are paid less in the work force than that of their male counterparts. It doesn’t even matter what the job is, if there is a woman doing the job and a man doing the same job, the woman will be paid less. This is true even if the job that is being done is larger for the woman; the male is still going to be paid more for the job. This kind of discrimination also happens when women are looking for a job. Typically however these days a woman will get the job over the white male, because the companies are trying their best to be correct and not to be sued. Once the woman is hired however, the story is the same as it has always been.

Another way that gender inequality rears its ugly head is in the home. Many women love to get outside and do yard work but their husbands may have been raised that the women is to stay inside and do dishes and take care of the family. There are some husbands out there that were not raised by the typical mom however but those are few and far between. If you marry a man that thinks it’s your job to stay home and take care of the family and you were not raised that way, I am sure there is going to be some strife in your household. Check these kinds of things out before you marry and you will be less likely to have future problems.

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