Women Who Fought for Gender Equality

Since the beginning of time, there are examples of women who refused to accept that they were living in a world that was built for men and have worked hard, often at great personal sacrifice, to eventually create the world we currently live in where it’s understood and accepted that women are equal to men. It’s important to remember exactly who these great women were.


History remembers the Romans as the creators of a great government and brilliant warriors. What few people realize is that the Roman culture was also full of powerful women. One such woman was Plotina. She was an Empress who was not only intelligent and interested in philosophy, but also worked hard to make sure life was fair for all Romans. She made changes that led to fair taxation methods, improve the general education, and worked hard to create more tolerance.


From an early age, khultulun’s father realized his daughter was special. He felt that she had the traits needed to lead her clan, but the Mongolian rules made such an opportunity impossible. While she wasn’t able to lead her tribe, she did show the other women in her tribe that they could be great warriors and didn’t have to settle for anything but the best when it came to choosing a husband. She refused to marry a man who couldn’t defeat her in a wrestling match. In the end, she remained unmarried and very wealthy.


When she was Queen, Cleopatra proved that there was a place for intelligent women. While it’s true that history remembers her best for her scandalous love affairs, historians who have studied her life are quick to point out that she was an intelligent woman who was not ashamed of her scientific studies.