Republicans Relish Political Discussion on Birth Control

The discussion over birth control has grown much louder during this political thinking.  Many individuals feel that Republicans are walking a slippery slope as they question whether certain forms of birth control should be paid for with tax dollars.  Research has shown that the vast majority of women in the United States have used birth control at some point in their lives, so there is a feeling that speaking out so strongly against birth control can actually serve to alienate many women voters.  Many popular Republican figures claim that the fact that many women have used birth control at some point in their lives is actually besides the point.

Republicans are hoping to leverage the birth control issue as a way to prove that Democrats in favor of big government are attempting to govern every aspect of individuals lives, including what happens in their bedrooms.  Many feel that the current issues being raised about birth control are less about whether birth control should be paid for by insurance and more about whether the government has the right to dictate to individuals the extent to which their religious liberties reach.

In a year where there is a presidential election an issue like this one quickly becomes a hot button topic which will likely be raised numerous times over the course of the campaign.  How each side is able to spin the topic in the minds of the public will likely determine the side that some voters choose, especially women, when the election rolls around in November.  The bigger issues that have stemmed from efforts to reform the healthcare system in recent years have raised numerous other issues that will be debated and bandies about through the election season.