Dealing With Infertility

The subject of infertility has been discussed for many years. There have been numerous books written on the subject and there have been numerous interviews done with doctors and the women that have had to deal with this issue. And while there is rarely an issue that touches a woman more deeply than infertility, there is also another side to this subject matter. There has been very little information offered in the way of men when it comes to infertility. While many men deal with low sperm count or a lack of testosterone, there is little information given for men that live with a woman who deals with infertility. This is the object of this article. I wanted to take a moment and express a point of view from the man.

Infertility is hard for women. As a man, as a husband, infertility is crippling. Allow me to explain. As a man it is my job to love and care for my wife. It is my default setting to want to fix whatever is broken. This is why so many marriages fall apart. Men are fixers and women simply desire someone to listen. When my wife learned of her infertility, I wanted to fix it. But that was not the answer. I couldn’t fix it. What I could do is be a good husband and listen to her. If your wife is dealing with this horrible issue then I would encourage you to listen. Do not shrug it off and do not try to “fix” it. Be a good, supportive husband and listen to your wife. Go with her to her doctor. Be a part of the dialogue and make sure that she knows how much you care.

Understanding Family Planning

The United States is currently in the 40th year of arguing and bickering over the issue of abortion and proper family planning. The major points of the issues are as follows. Those that agree with the practice of abortion are called pro-choice individuals. They will argue that a woman has the right to determine what happens with her body. The crux of this argument hinges on the ability to disassociate the baby and the mother as well as minimizing the life of the fetus. Those that disagree with this position are said to be pro-life. Regardless of your position on this issue the following guide will highlight some key facts in the debate.

The first question is whether or not the fetus, or baby, is actually a human life. The reality is that when a male sperm fertilizes a female egg, life begins. A multiplication process takes place and the egg quickly begins to grow and materialize. If this process where discovered on a different planet, science would claim to have found life. Is abortion a proper planning technique? Some would argue that abortion is not a family planning tool but rather a way to end an unwanted pregnancy. Another option to consider when planning your family is birth control. Birth control comes in many different forms but the most common type is a pill. The pill will stop a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. If you are interested in family planning then you should seek the council of your doctor. Make an appointment and discuss your questions with him or her.