The Lack of Gender Equality in the Tech Industry

With all the leaps forward women have made in the past two generations, it’s amazing that gender equality continues to exist, and yet it does. One of the fields where gender inequality is the most apparent is the tech industry. Although there are some women who have made it to the highest jobs in the tech field, such as Ruth Porat, who works as the Chief Financial Officer for Google, there are many women who are constantly over looked while opportunities for advancement go to male co-workers.

The actual data regarding gender equality in the tech field is downright depressing. When the American Association of University Women conducted a study, they discovered that not only were women often being overlooked, but that the number of women in the field has actually declined in the past 23 years, despite the fact that the tech industry has more job opportunities than ever before. In 2013, when the study was conducted, women made up only 26% of the industry professionals, 9% less than in 1990 when women held 35% of the available jobs. In addition to less women being employed in the tech industry, there are also fewer women actively seeking degrees in computing and other tech related fields.

Many feel that the reason so many women are turning away from the idea of a career in the tech field has to do with the horror stories about how misogynistic the industry is. For every success story, like Ruth Porat, there are ten of women being passed over for promotion, being ridiculed by co-workers, and worse. Whitney Wolfe is a perfect example of a bright, young woman who works hard. When the mobile dating app she developed, the marketing team connected to the app made the decision to minimize her involvement with the app.

It’s not fair, but women who decide to pursue a career in the tech industry will have to work twice as hard to achieve the recognition and pay they deserve, while at the same time encouraging other bright young women to follow in their footsteps.

Gender Equality in the Comic Industry

While there are some women who continue to have to work in order to achieve the same success as their male counterparts, in most industries gender equality is well on its way to becoming a reality. One industry where women continue to slam into the glass ceiling is the comic industry.

Almost since its inception, the world of comics has been dominated by men. This is obvious both in looking at the name of the creators of each character, but also in looking at the way male vs. female characters have been portrayed. Although there are some exceptions, the male protagonists are strong heroes, capable of saving the world, no matter how great the challenge, while the female characters, even the ones who headline their own series of books are often put into situations where they need to be saved by the male characters.

Some might argue that the way men and females are portrayed has to do with the time that the characters were created, that they represent a different way of thinking. For example, Superman was created just before the outbreak of WWII, a time when it was socially acceptable for a woman, even one as independent as Lois Lane, to depend on a strong man to save her. However, even current comics continue to follow the same pattern.

What’s truly appalling is how women artists in the comic industry are being treated by their male counterparts. Instead of having their unique set of talents applauded, many of the men in the industry to their best to ostracize any woman who dares to make herself known in the industry, and as a result many of these women have become the victims of some truly appalling behavior, including death threats.

With the trend in fan gradually shifting from male to female, it’s high time that the comic industry start to explore the basic concept of gender equality.

Women Who Fought for Gender Equality

Since the beginning of time, there are examples of women who refused to accept that they were living in a world that was built for men and have worked hard, often at great personal sacrifice, to eventually create the world we currently live in where it’s understood and accepted that women are equal to men. It’s important to remember exactly who these great women were.


History remembers the Romans as the creators of a great government and brilliant warriors. What few people realize is that the Roman culture was also full of powerful women. One such woman was Plotina. She was an Empress who was not only intelligent and interested in philosophy, but also worked hard to make sure life was fair for all Romans. She made changes that led to fair taxation methods, improve the general education, and worked hard to create more tolerance.


From an early age, khultulun’s father realized his daughter was special. He felt that she had the traits needed to lead her clan, but the Mongolian rules made such an opportunity impossible. While she wasn’t able to lead her tribe, she did show the other women in her tribe that they could be great warriors and didn’t have to settle for anything but the best when it came to choosing a husband. She refused to marry a man who couldn’t defeat her in a wrestling match. In the end, she remained unmarried and very wealthy.


When she was Queen, Cleopatra proved that there was a place for intelligent women. While it’s true that history remembers her best for her scandalous love affairs, historians who have studied her life are quick to point out that she was an intelligent woman who was not ashamed of her scientific studies.

We Need Better Gender Equality

Over the past few years I have become more and more aware of the issues that really affect the country as a whole. While many would like to make the global issues a central tenant of the campaigns, I would like to see a more concerted effort to make social issues a major aspect. Social issues are the items we deal with every single day and they have a huge impact on the overall life of people. Of the many different social issues that we could argue over I think the issue needs to start with gender equality. Some will say that we already have gender equality but I would like to point out that we do not. Others will say that the Democrats are more in favor of gender equality and the Republicans are not. The truth of the matter is that the Obama Whitehouse regularly pays women 33% less than their male counterparts. Add to this the fact that a Republican president was the first to appoint a female secretary of state and you begin to see that the rhetoric does not match up with the actions.

Gender equality has much more to do with pay and respect than anything else. Females are offered the chance to have maternity leave but so are males. Females are offered the chance to miss time with sick children but so are males. The differences come in the amount of pay and the level of power or respect hat the ladies are given. We will not have real gender equality until we stop politicizing all of the events in the world. Not everyone is a homophobe. Not everyone is a misogynistic freak. Learn the difference and we will all be better off.

Can Acupuncture Help with Infertility Issues?

When it comes to infertility, it seems like everyone has an opinion. It’s worthwhile to check out each option, and to even give many of them a try. Sometimes what works for one couple isn’t the right solution for another. Some couples have had a great deal of success using ancient Chinese methods to treat their infertility issues. One of the things they say helped them to eventually conceive a baby is acupuncture.

The reason that acupuncture has been successfully used to treat a variety of medical treatments, including infertility, is because it encourages a positive flow of energy. When done by a highly trained expert, acupuncture will give you a sense of wellbeing. In cases where doctors are unable to determine a medical reason for a couples infertility, the sense of peace and good health the couple feels after a bout of acupuncture seems to relax and conceive a child in a natural manner. Others have found that the acupuncture has made their mind and body more receptive to fertility treatments.

There are different types of acupuncture which are used to assist with different types of health concerns and each person responds differently to the process. If you’re considering using acupuncture to help with infertility issues, it’s in your best interest to consult with your doctor first. They’ll help determine the best type of acupuncture as well as what time you should have the acupuncture treatment done.

As long as the acupuncture treatment is administered by an experienced individual, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A Man’s View of Infertility

As a man there are several things that I am not used to dealing with. I do not have to worry about being yelled at and whistled at by other people. I am not fearful of being raped. I am not dealing with a monthly visitor. I do not have major mood swings due to hormone issues. However there is something that I must admit. I have been a husband for 12 years. Over that time I would like to think that I have learned a few things about women and that I understand them a little bit more now as opposed to when I was first married. In our marriage there have been some major issues that we have had to deal with but the hardest and highest hurdle that we have ever jumped was infertility. This is not just something that affects women. Sure, my wife had to deal with this awful issue but I did too. We went through the issues together because that is what a loving partner does. So what can I say about infertility?

I can only offer you the view that a man has. As a man there is nothing more that I like to do than to fix problems. I am a natural born fixer. When the glass is broken I fix it. When the car breaks down I fix it. The only issue here is that I couldn’t fix the infertility issue. I would try to fix the problem by amusing her or taking her mind off of it but all that did was make it worse. So men allow me to say this to you directly. Do not try to fix her. She will only feel like you think she is broken. She is already dealing with that feeling and emotion and she does not need that coming from you. Instead, just be there. Love her unconditionally. Hold her. Listen to her. Let her cry and let her be ticked off. That is the way to handle the issue.

Honest Discussions on Gender Equality

Men and women are different, that is the truth. This is no reason why however that they shouldn’t be treated the same in the workplace and other places in the world. It is also true that God made men and women different for a reason and those differences need to remain. There are times lately that I cannot tell whether a person is a male or a female by the way they dress and carry themselves. There should be differences in our clothing so that others will know whether or not we are male or female.

I do however believe in equality for men and women in the workplace. I am about to head back into the working world and I wonder what it will be like for men in the real estate business versus the women. I hope that things have changed a great deal since I was in the workforce. Back in the day when I worked full time outside of the home, men still had the upper hand in the work place. They were always paid more and more was expected of them. Like I said, I hope this has changed since then and that things have become a little bit more equal.

As much as I think men and women should be given equal chances in the work place, I don’t think they need to try to look like one another and don’t get me started on the topic of gender confusion. I do not agree with people who try to be something they are not and most times I think that is all done for attention. Gender equality in the work place is good, gender equality for any other reason is not good in my personal opinion.

Gender Equality in Today’s Modern Culture

It’s a sad fact in the world in which we live that gender equality is not alive and well. Women these days suffer from many of the same issues that they once did in the olden days. It is a true fact that women are paid less in the work force than that of their male counterparts. It doesn’t even matter what the job is, if there is a woman doing the job and a man doing the same job, the woman will be paid less. This is true even if the job that is being done is larger for the woman; the male is still going to be paid more for the job. This kind of discrimination also happens when women are looking for a job. Typically however these days a woman will get the job over the white male, because the companies are trying their best to be correct and not to be sued. Once the woman is hired however, the story is the same as it has always been.

Another way that gender inequality rears its ugly head is in the home. Many women love to get outside and do yard work but their husbands may have been raised that the women is to stay inside and do dishes and take care of the family. There are some husbands out there that were not raised by the typical mom however but those are few and far between. If you marry a man that thinks it’s your job to stay home and take care of the family and you were not raised that way, I am sure there is going to be some strife in your household. Check these kinds of things out before you marry and you will be less likely to have future problems.